When is the Best Time to Sell Your Commercial Property in Edmonton, Alberta?

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Edmonton’s commercial real estate market is dynamic, influenced by various internal and external factors that can affect the optimal timing for selling a commercial property. Understanding these factors is crucial for property owners in Edmonton, Alberta, to make informed decisions.

Internal Factors Influencing Sale Decisions

  • Lifestyle and Management Intensity: Commercial properties generally require less management due to fewer tenants and longer lease terms. However, managing a substantial portfolio can become overwhelming, prompting some property owners to consider selling to simplify their investments.
  • Retirement: For many, real estate is a significant part of retirement planning. If active property management becomes too burdensome, selling commercial properties can provide liquidity and a less demanding lifestyle during retirement.

External Factors Affecting Timing

  • Market Conditions: The state of the market significantly impacts the timing of a sale. Properties in a high vacancy market might benefit from a quicker sale, while those in low vacancy markets might fetch higher prices due to upward pressure on lease rates.
  • Industry Trends: Edmonton’s market is particularly sensitive to the oil industry, and fluctuations here can directly impact real estate values. Understanding broader economic indicators and industry performance is crucial when considering a sale.
  • Asset-Specific Factors: Factors such as lease rates, the financial health of tenants, and the physical condition of the property play critical roles in determining the right time to sell. Properties with higher lease rates or upcoming renewals might pose risks for buyers, potentially affecting the valuation.

Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Market Trends (2023)

Understanding current market trends is essential for timing your property sale effectively:

  • Strong Investment Growth: The first quarter of 2023 saw robust investment activity, with a notable surge in the industrial and land sectors.
  • Industrial Sector Dominance: With an increase in logistics, warehousing, and distribution tenancies, the industrial sector shows tight inventory and strong demand, particularly for multi-bay properties.
  • Retail Sector Strength: Driven by population growth and higher disposable incomes, the retail sector, especially in suburban areas, continues to expand, with a rising demand for smaller retail footprints.
  • Office Sector Challenges: Despite facing softer activity and higher availability rates, the suburban office market remains stable, with a trend towards quality as landlords upgrade their properties.

Overall Market Outlook

The overall outlook for Edmonton’s commercial real estate market in 2023 remains positive, with the industrial sector expected to lead in performance. Retail and suburban office spaces are also anticipated to show strong growth, while central office spaces may face ongoing challenges.


Deciding when to sell a commercial property in Edmonton requires a nuanced understanding of both market conditions and personal circumstances. Current trends suggest robust growth in certain sectors, which might influence the decision to sell based on the specific attributes of your property. Consulting with a real estate professional, such as those at Servis Realty, can provide tailored advice and insights, helping you make the most informed decision regarding the sale of your property.

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