Vernon Hoff

Business Development Manager
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Vernon Hoff possesses an eclectic mix of creativity, strategic insight, and operational expertise, making him a dynamic force in the realm of marketing and sales.

Vernon’s journey is characterized by a profound understanding of consumer psychology, balancing rational and irrational elements to master the art of persuasion and communication.

With a professional history that spans across various sectors including real estate, media consulting, and insulation distribution, Vernon has demonstrated a consistent ability to foster growth, innovate marketing strategies, and optimize business processes. His tenure at Servis Realty since August 2021 has seen him apply his rich experience to expand the company’s market presence and enhance its brand reputation.

As the owner and operator of Total Media Consulting, Vernon’s skill set in web and graphic design, SEO, and online marketing has provided him with a unique perspective on business development and customer engagement. His previous roles have honed his ability to develop strategic sales visions, manage comprehensive marketing budgets, and build enduring relationships with media, stakeholders, and clients.

Educationally, Vernon’s background in Marketing and Web Design from Alberta College, coupled with Business Management from the University of Alberta, lays the foundation for his creative and methodical approach to business challenges. His academic prowess is complemented by practical experiences that include managing branch operations, driving sales, and leading teams towards achieving collective objectives.

In his role at Servis Realty, Vernon leverages his multifaceted expertise to drive innovative business development initiatives, ensuring the company’s growth trajectory aligns with its strategic goals. His leadership not only influences business outcomes but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative success.

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