Switching Commercial Property Management Companies May be Easier Than You Thought!

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Many commercial property investors hesitate to change management companies due to perceived complexities, costs, or difficulties. However, if the current management does not meet your needs, finding a new team can often be simpler and more beneficial than anticipated.

Can You Switch Property Management Companies Mid-Lease?

Yes, most often, commercial property owners can terminate their management agreements with just written notice, regardless of the lease term. While there may be fees depending on your contract, this flexibility allows you to make management changes as needed to ensure optimal service.

Transitioning Made Easy by Servis Realty

Servis Realty streamlines the transition by handling communications with your previous service provider, including drafting the termination letter. Once the termination is processed, we collect all essential property and tenant information, setting up new management operations without disrupting tenant relations or rent collection.

Why Consider Changing Your Property Management Company?

Switching agencies might seem daunting, but several indicators can help you decide when it’s time for a change:

  • Consistent rent arrears by tenants
  • Lack of accessible, detailed property information
  • Infrequent or poorly documented routine inspections
  • Subpar maintenance work quality
  • Uncompetitive rental price assessments

Addressing these issues by switching to a more competent property management company can significantly enhance your property’s profitability and operational efficiency.

Why Choose Servis Realty Inc?

At Servis Realty, we focus solely on exceeding your property management expectations with top-notch services tailored to your specific needs.

Dedicated Property Management

Our property managers specialize exclusively in managing properties, ensuring expert service delivery. This specialization means your single point of contact – your property manager – is fully equipped to handle all aspects of your property management efficiently.

Alignment with Your Goals

We align our operations with your objectives: maximizing rental income, maintaining high-quality tenancy, and ensuring your property is competitively positioned in the market. Our managers are driven by performance indicators directly linked to client satisfaction and operational excellence.

Flexible Financial Arrangements

Our financial services are as flexible as they are reliable. Managed by our Chartered Professional Accountant, you can choose how frequently you receive your rental income payments, tailoring the cash flow to suit your financial planning.

All-Inclusive Management Fee

Our fee structure is straightforward and comprehensive. Unlike traditional agencies that nickel and dime you for every little task, our single management fee covers all necessary services including weekly inspections, maintenance checks, lease renewals, and more, without any hidden charges.

Benefits of Choosing Servis Realty Inc

  • Proactive Communication: Quick and consistent responses to all your queries.
  • Access to Management: Direct access to the managers and owners of Servis Realty Inc, ensuring top-level service and accountability.
  • Quality Service Providers: We use vetted individual tradespeople rather than all-in-one companies, ensuring quality work at reasonable prices.


Switching your commercial property management company to Servis Realty is not only straightforward but can significantly enhance the operational efficiency, profitability, and tenant satisfaction of your property investments. With Servis Realty, your commercial property is in expert hands, managed with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

If you are considering a change in your property management services, contact Servis Realty today to schedule your free consultation and discover how we can make a difference for your investment.

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