Switching Commercial Property Management Companies May be Easier Than You Thought!

November 01, 2021
switching companies

Many investors believe that shifting the management of their commercial property to a new agency is either complicated, expensive or just plain hard. When you feel you aren’t getting the service you require from your commercial property manager, switching to a new team will often be your best option.

Can I switch mid-lease?

In most cases, you can terminate your estate agent’s management of your rental property, effective immediately, by written notice to the agent.

There may be fees involved depending on your existing contract, but you can give this notice at any time – even in a fixed term contract.

Let us take care of everything

Servis Realty is happy to conduct the communications required with your previous service provider and will even assist with the drafting of the termination letter. Once the termination letter has been received we will arrange to collect the file from the agency containing all important and relevant information such as the tenants contact details, rental payment history, copies of lease documents, property condition reports, photos and details of outstanding maintenance items.
After that, it is as simple as us contacting the tenant, setting up their payment schedule for rent and carrying out the first inspection.

Is there a reason I should change agents?

Sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a problem with your agent but if you were to ask yourself some of the following questions, would you still be satisfied to stay with your current agent?

• Are your existing tenants ever in arrears?
• Do you have 24/7 access to your rental property information?
• For routine inspections, does your property manager conduct them regularly and are they documented in detail to ensure nothing is missed?
• Are you happy with the efficiency and quality of maintenance repairs on your tenanted property?
• Is your existing agency assessing the rent annually to ensure it stays in line with the current market?

Why Servis Realty Inc?

Servis is different because we are solely focused on you – 100% committed to managing your property with expemplary service and great results that exceed your expectations.

How do we achieve this?

You Have A Dedicated Property Manager
Our property managers only do property management. Period. Because that’s all we do, our team are able to focus on providing a specific, specialist property management service – so you receive our prompt and efficient service every time. And the best part? You only ever have to deal with one point of contact – your personal property manager, no leasing consultant or assistants. Whatever your goals for your property; Servis Realty will make sure that happens.

Your Priorities are Our Priorities
It’s quite simple; you want a great service, good tenants and the best possible rent. In order to make that happen, we have created a team who love what they do and are dedicated to achieving your goals and meeting your expectations – we know this because we track it.

Our property managers have daily performance indicators (KPIs) they must achieve. Their targets include client satisfaction, completed inspections, rent arrears and signed lease agreements. Servis Realty has tried and tested this method and it works – you’ll notice the difference!

Your Payments When You Want Them
Just like our property managers only manage properties; our Chartered Professional Accountant only does accounting. You don’t just get the default option of receiving the rent at the end of the month, you can be paid out as little or as often as you like – whatever works best for you and your business.

Our all-inclusive Management Fee.

Servis Realty Inc will only charge you ONE management fee which includes everything we need to manage your property. We don’t cap on the number of quotes we need to arrange, we don’t cap on re-inspections or insurance claims that need to be done; basically, we don’t cap on anything! We simply manage your property the way you would like it to be managed.

As a minimum our management fee will include:

  • Weekly inspections
  • Property condition report
  • Attendance to check and investigate maintenance
  • Lease renewals
  • Statements and summaries
  • Arranging quotes and meeting tradespeople
  • Processing insurance claims
  • Postage and administration

Why is this different?

Traditional agencies will typically charge you for each day to day task separately and then throw in a miscellaneous fee for all the fees they haven’t thought of. In many agencies, even those property managers, who sign you up on an “all-inclusive” basis, will not include many things. We have everything covered under the one simple fee.

Apart from our fee structure being simple, it is also very safe. Whenever we pay you the collected rent, you will always know exactly how much is going into your account. You have peace of mind in knowing how much there will be to pay the mortgage at all times– even if you go on holiday.

Your Calls Are Always Returned

We understand the frustration that clients feel when their phone calls aren’t returned. To us you are a priority and all your phone calls will be responded to within a reasonable time frame. How can we guarantee this you may ask? It’s simple. We always find the time to call you back because our property managers care about you and your property – and we’ve made sure they aren’t too busy managing other properties.

You Have Access to the Managers and Owners of  Servis Realty Inc.
We are an Edmonton based family-owned business and understand the value of integrity and quality customer service. We are confident our property managers will give you a top-quality service, but if you do ever need to speak with Geoff or Milka, they are only a phone call away.

We Only Use Individual Tradesmen
Too many property managers are opting to use all-inclusive trades companies because they don’t have the time to research and arrange maintenance with individual companies. These types of companies will then add an extra portion onto their bill which you will end up paying for. We only use individual tradesmen who can offer quality at reasonable prices with a personal service, so you and your tenants will be satisfied.

Your property is our priority – and we love what we do.

Want to discuss handing over the management of your property to our team?  Contact Servis Realty or visit our website to schedule your free consultation!


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