Milka Vujanic CPA, CGA,

Chief Financial Officer
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Milka Vujanic epitomizes financial acumen and strategic prowess in her role as Chief Financial Officer at Servis Realty.

With an extensive career in finance and accounting, Milka has cultivated a deep-rooted expertise across pivotal industries including real estate, oil and gas, construction, and service sectors. Her analytical finesse and methodical approach have been instrumental in steering financial strategies and operational efficiencies, fostering the sustainable growth of assets under her stewardship.

Milka’s dedication to Servis Realty Inc. transcends the conventional CFO role, embodying a commitment to excellence in customer service and the provision of precise, actionable financial intelligence. Her strategic insights and robust financial leadership ensure the delivery of top-tier, tailored management services, positioning Servis Realty as a paragon of fiscal and operational integrity in the commercial real estate market.

Milka’s academic credentials, including a CPA, CGA Designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada and a Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Accounting from Grant MacEwan University, underpin her comprehensive approach to financial management. Beyond her professional endeavors, Milka is an active contributor to the community, notably through her involvement with Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta & NWT, where she champions initiatives to educate youth in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness.

Her passion for fostering financial empowerment and her proactive engagement in community service are testaments to her holistic approach to leadership and commitment to shaping a legacy of positive impact in both the business and broader community spheres. As CFO of Servis Realty Inc., Milka continues to redefine the parameters of financial stewardship, driving the company towards its strategic financial goals while maintaining an unwavering dedication to client success and community betterment.

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