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Ensuring Continuous Occupancy with Proactive Renewal Strategies.
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In the fast-paced world of property management, the passage of time is often marked by routine rent collection and occasional maintenance tasks.

However, in the midst of these activities, commercial lease renewal dates have a tendency to sneak up on landlords. Failing to pay attention to these crucial dates can result in missed opportunities and potential complications, including:

Missed Rental Adjustments: Overlooking lease renewal dates can mean losing the chance to adjust rental rates in accordance with market trends.

Month-to-Month Tenancy: An expired lease might inadvertently transition into a month-to-month agreement, reducing your ability to secure stable, longer-term tenancy.

Unplanned Tenant Departures: Ignoring lease renewals can lead to tenants vacating without ample notice, impacting your property’s consistent revenue stream.

At Servis Realty, we recognize the importance of proactive commercial lease renewal management. Our approach revolves around timely, strategic handling of commercial lease renewals to optimize your investment’s potential. We employ a comprehensive process that includes:

  • Early Notifications: We send out renewal notices well in advance of the lease expiration, ensuring you have ample time to consider adjustments and decisions.
  • Tenant Communication: We liaise directly with tenants to confirm renewal intentions and discuss any potential adjustments.
  • Swift Resource Engagement: Should a tenant decide not to renew, we promptly activate our resources to secure a new occupant, minimizing vacancy periods.

With our extensive expertise, we help you navigate the intricacies of lease renewals, avoiding potential pitfalls and maximizing the value of your investment. Choose Servis Realty, the trusted name in Edmonton’s premier commercial property management. 

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Discover why property owners across Edmonton trust Servis Realty Inc. Read authentic firsthand testimonials from our clients and learn how our dedicated commercial property management team have made a real difference in their commercial real estate ventures.

John Haswell

We have been with Servis Realty in our lease space for the past 8 years and the experience has been very positive. Unfortunately our business has outgrown the space, otherwise would have stayed even l Read Moreonger. Overall very convenient location, albeit sometimes hard for our customers to find. Specific details: -snow removal is always prompt the day after -our furnace was serviced regularly and when it broke down they fixed it very quickly -the parking lot was well managed, as well as the property owners investing in fixing the asphalt around the back of the building several times Special shout out to Kevin and Geoff and the rest of the team upstairs who has been very quick to address any concerns or issues we have ever had.


Kevin Olsen

It's a great place to work. Our team is truly committed to providing uncompromising results for our clients and superior customer service to our tenants.


Rob Allen

It's a pleasure working with Servis Realty. Their commitment to strong partnerships, prompt communication, and exceptional expertise set them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone seekin Read Moreg a reliable and trustworthy property management company. Five stars, without a doubt!


Joe Strasbourg

Today was one of many that Joanne and team at Service helped us out immensely with any day to day challenges we receive. As a tenant of Service Realty in the Bassani building we occasionally have a c Read Morehallenge which needs to be addressed such as plugged drain in the parking lot sewer or additional space required while we were under renovations. Their team is very accommodating, quick service and always happy to help. We appreciate the team at Servis and wanted to pass along our accolades to them!!


Andy Bibby

Proudline Fire protection has been working with Servis Realty Inc for over 10 years and we could not ask for a better customer. Geoff and his team are Professional, Great communicators, and overall gr Read Moreeat to work with. I would recommend their services to anyone. Keep up the great work. J Andrew Bibby GM Service division Proudline line Fire Protection Services Ltd.

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