Is There a Right Time to Buy an Investment Property?

January 11, 2023
when is the right time to buy an investment property?

Boosting Your Commercial Property Value with Servis Realty

Partnering with Servis Realty, Edmonton’s premier commercial property management company, will be instrumental in elevating the value of your investment. As seasoned experts, we have the strategies and expertise to maximize your commercial property’s worth and profitability.

Elevate your property through upgrades and improvements:

Investing in your property’s physical appearance and functionality can significantly increase its value. Cosmetic enhancements such as fresh paint or updated flooring, and more substantial renovations like energy-efficient upgrades or structural repairs, can transform your property. At Servis Realty, we will help you identify the areas of your property that would benefit most from these changes and guide you through their implementation. We ensure your building is cared for by securing contractors from our qualified network, thus maintaining your property’s appeal and integrity. (source)

Maximize your property’s income potential:

Unlocking your property’s full income potential is a vital step towards increasing its value. This can be achieved by implementing effective marketing and leasing strategies, maintaining a high occupancy rate, and attracting high-quality tenants. At Servis Realty, we work alongside you to ensure that your building is fully occupied to maximize ROI (source), while our extensive experience in lease renewals and tenant management guarantees long-term, satisfied tenancy (source) (source). Additionally, we review your rent roll and tenancy agreements to confirm you are maximizing your per square foot return (source).

Optimize your property’s operations:

Operational optimization is another effective way to increase your commercial property’s value. Reducing waste, implementing energy-efficient systems, and streamlining administrative processes can significantly lower operating costs and increase profitability. We can also help you save money in areas such as lease administration, where landlords often pay for expenses that should be borne by tenants. At Servis Realty, we provide comprehensive financial management, reviewing and reporting on your building’s financial performance to maximize your assets’ ROI (source).

Stay informed about market trends and regulatory changes:

Keeping abreast of market trends and regulatory changes is crucial for the sustained growth of your commercial property’s value. At Servis Realty, we’ll help you stay up-to-date with these developments and strategize to adapt to changing circumstances.

Our comprehensive services at Servis Realty, including building systems care (source), exterior maintenance (source), and negotiating the most comprehensive insurance program and best rates for our owners (source), make us your ideal partner in commercial property management. By leveraging our expertise, you can position your property for long-term success and continued growth.

In conclusion

Investing in upgrades and improvements, maximizing your property’s income potential, optimizing operations, and staying informed about market trends and regulatory changes are proven strategies to increase your commercial property


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