Geoff Spero

Chief Executive Officer
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Geoff Spero brings a diverse and rich background to the forefront of the real estate industry.

Initially carving his path in Information Technology, Geoff’s tenure as an information service professional with a leading construction company honed his aptitude for navigating complex client challenges and diverse needs. This foundation paved the way for his transition into real estate, where under the tutelage of esteemed industry professionals, he amassed profound insights into the residential and commercial sectors.

Geoff’s journey took a pivotal turn towards commercial property management, a realm where he seamlessly merged his real estate acumen with a natural penchant for connecting varied client profiles. His proficiency in demystifying intricate property details has consistently enhanced client comprehension and decision-making.

At the helm of Servis Realty, Geoff spearheads a vision of delivering bespoke, innovative, and client-focused commercial management solutions. His extensive experience and broad network equip him to navigate challenges with a solutions-oriented approach, ensuring tailored outcomes for each client. Geoff’s leadership embodies the company’s commitment to progress, innovation, and unparalleled customer service, driving the provision of a comprehensive range of services to meet and exceed client and tenant expectations.

His passion for real estate management is not just about maintaining and enhancing property investments; it’s about crafting personalized experiences that resonate with the needs and goals of both new and established clients. Under Geoff’s guidance, Servis Realty Inc. continues to set benchmarks in commercial property management, with a legacy of excellence that resonates throughout Edmonton’s real estate landscape.

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